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Allocrypt aims to provide a missing element in the new generation of medical diagnostic devices by ensuring secure (authenticated, private, integrity protected) test results directly from devices to doctors. (Read more)


NYMDX is a complete solution for your practice whether you are with one doctor or multiple doctors, designed to grow with your practice and enhance your practices globally. (Read more)


Are you ready for a drone innovation? We solve complex challenges and innovate by integrating drone technology with reliable data analytics by DronaPro. (Read more)


CoreTech Environmental provides waste remediation and waste destruction services using its proprietary scalable ThermGen unit. ThermGen was designed to offer an economical, logistical option to the current model of transportation over long distances to large incineration unit facilities. (Read more)


Antsle developed a private cloud server that makes it easy for companies and individual developers to host on-premises, ready out of the box with both hardware and software. (Read more)

Smart 3D – Pixelio

Using the latest 3D technology Smart 3D Ltd has created Pixelio. Pixelio is an innovative, modern and easy to use 3D scanner that can be used by everyone! (Read more)

Rose Medical S​ystems

Rose Medical S​ystems offers Instant Voice, which is a patented system that allows patients who have temporarily lost their ability to speak due to intubation, tracheotomy, stroke, surgery or other causes to be able to fully communicate with their doctors, nurses, caregivers, family and friends! (Read more)

Save It

They say it, you save it! How many times as a parent does your child say something you want to remember? save it!, a smartphone app, lets you do just that. (Read more)


Puptimize is a mobile app and web platform that makes it easy to be a great dog owner by providing free personalized training, expert-recommended products, and trusted local services. (Read more)


H2bid provides tools to water utility vendors and contractors when competing for contracts in the water infrastructure market. (Read more)


Anno converts the communicative power of photos into financial gains for big and small business. (Read more)

3D Printing

3D Printing

Robo 3D is a company that focuses on the product development of retail 3D printers located in San Diego, California. (Read more)

Pulse plasma water purification

Water Purification Technology

Molectron, innovators of a state of the art Pulse Plasma water purification technology that is ‘chemical-free’ and cost effective. (Read more)