Allocrypt aims to provide a missing element in the new generation of medical diagnostic devices by ensuring secure (authenticated, private, integrity protected) test results directly from devices to doctors. Allocrypt will integrate with existing health information systems, comply with HIPAA and FDA Part 11. Allocrypt will operate the required security infrastructure. Patient outcomes will improve, costs will decrease, Allocrypt’s revenue will come from infrastructure. The infrastructure design is general and adaptable; other applications that don’t require FDA certification will provide early cash flow.

Link: Allocrypt.


NYMDX is a complete solution for your practice whether you are with one doctor or multiple doctors. Designed to grow with your practice and enhance your practices globally, we provide you the scalable and affordable without compromising on Quality, Innovation and Automation, and also give you an analytical engine to fine-tune your operations with the power of Data. Designed to run on Cloud, Mobile and On-premise, NYMDX offers you flexibility unmatched by any other platform.

Link: NYMDX.


Are you ready for a drone innovation? We solve complex challenges and innovate by integrating drone technology with reliable data analytics by DronaPro. We fly over a certain area with a drone and capture data. Then, we monetize the captured data and convert it into a readable format. Finally, we analyze the collected data and create an insight.

Link: DronaPro.


CoreTech Environmental provides waste remediation and waste destruction services using its proprietary scalable ThermGen unit. ThermGen was designed to offer an economical, logistical option to the current model of transportation over long distances to large incineration unit facilities. The on site option offers a compelling model for cost savings and efforts to control liabilities in manufacturing, as well as allow manufacturers to be environmentally compliant and remain competitive in the global economy.

Link: CoreTech: ThermGen.


LogoAntsle developed a private cloud server that makes it easy for companies and individual developers to host on-premises. Antsle is ready out of the box and delivers both hardware and software: antsleOS™ and the proprietary management interface antman™. The solution let’s you take control of your data and save on monthly hosting bills by owning the infrastructure, compared to hosting with public cloud providers like Amazon EC2 or DigitalOcean.

Link: Antsle.

Smart 3D

LogoUsing the latest 3D technology Smart 3D Ltd has created Pixelio. Pixelio is an innovative, modern and easy to use 3D scanner that can be used by everyone! Until now, the market has lacked a good and low cost device for 3D printer users that allows to copy objects, make spare parts, or archive collections in the form of 3D files. Smart 3D Ltd team created a device that fills this gap. The company also wanted to add some simple and clever features to their small devices. That is why Pixelio – the first baby of Smart 3D – became also a device that helps to improve your photos or even movies.

Link: Smart 3D – Pixelio.

Rose Medical S​ystems

LogoRose Medical S​ystems offers Instant Voice, which is a patented system that allows patients who have temporarily lost their ability to speak due to intubation, tracheotomy, stroke, surgery or other causes to be able to fully communicate with their doctors, nurses, caregivers, family and friends!

Link: Rose Medical S​ystems.

Save It

LogoThey say it, you save it! How many times as a parent does your child say something you want to remember? save it!, a smartphone app, lets you do just that: quickly jot down a quote with an accompanying photograph to capture a memorable experience in the moment – whether it’s adorable, funny, shocking, or touching. Teachers might want to capture student reactions for a future memory book; engaged couples might document sweet memories of their courtship; adult children may record their parents’ wisdom for posterity. When a great speaker inspires you, save it!; if you’re being harassed at work and need to record the nitty-gritty details of the encounter, save it! Capture those special memories in text and photographs and organize them in simple profiles by person, event, or any other category. New features coming soon, along with a save it! for the business community and students.

Link: Save It.


LogoPuptimize is a mobile app and web platform that makes it easy to be a great dog owner by providing free personalized training, expert-recommended products, and trusted local services – all in one convenient place. Puptimize starts with awesome free tools and content to guide dog owners through the toughest parts of pet parenting, like puppyhood and training. It uses technology to break everything into simple, visual steps and remind owners when it’s time to take action. Finally, expert-recommended products and vetted local services are integrated into the Puptimize content, so dog owners can manage all of their dog’s needs with one simple mobile app.

Link: Puptimize.


LogoH2bid uses big data, analytics, and web-based tools to provide water utility vendors and contractors with an unmatched advantage when competing for contracts in the $111 billion water infrastructure market. H2bid serves vendors and contractors in every sector of the water utility industry, including general contractors, subcontractors, chemical providers, equipment manufacturers and distributors, engineering firms, and software providers.

Link: H2bid.


LogoAnno converts the communicative power of photos into financial gains for big and small business. It starts by introducing a cloud-based and mobile-first workflow for taking, organizing, annotating and sharing collections of photos. Then, with a few 21st century tricks, its flexibility takes over and it adapts to the user’s needs, delivering a remarkable level of efficiency and communication. Anno is used by architects, engineers, construction professionals, real estate developers, property managers, even healthcare providers. The awesome benefits of Anno can be felt by any industry that relies on photos for documentation, visual study, or communication.

Link: Anno.


LogoMolectron’s unique Pulse Plasma water purification technology is a ‘chemical-free’ system effectively disinfects/purifies water prior to being discharged into our waterways or before it enters the drinking water distribution system. The state of the art Pulse Plasma water purification technology cost-effectively removes microorganism/pathogens/organic chemicals as well as complex pollutants such as pesticides, colorants, pharmaceuticals… that are untreatable with current technologies. Clean/safe water without the formation of more hazardous by-products after treatment through Molectron’s Pulse Plasma technology.

Link: Molectron.

RoBo 3D

LogoRoBo 3D is the ultimate 3D printer everyone has been waiting for. 3D printing is additive manufacturing that turns computer models into real physical things. It takes biodegradable PLA plastic filament, melts it into thin layers onto a surface, moves up and prints another layer. After layer upon layer, you are left with a physical object. You can use 3D modeling software such as Solidworks, the free google sketch up program, or go to, download free things that people have already created, and print them out in your own home or office or classroom.

Link: Robo 3D.